Two Moon July
A reimagined title sequence for the television production Two Moon July (1986), using footage mostly shot on my iPhone.

Music ︎︎︎ Arto Lindsay and Tony Noguiera
#motiongraphic #video 

Two Moon July was a multidisciplinary event directed by Tom Bowes that featured experimental video, film, visual art, performance, and music in a theatrical framework. It was produced bt The Kitchen. More than 30 artists participated in the program. This production reflects a moment when art centers were experimenting with new modes of presenting the arts for television.


1) Still from Tom Bowes, Two Moon July, 1986. Video, color, sound, 53 minutes, 54 seconds.  2) Program for screening of Tom Bowes, Two Moon July at The Kitchen, October 16 and 17, 1986. Detail.